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   SUZHOU ALL MALL TRADING CO.,LTD, is a comprehensive foreign trade service enterprise approved by Suzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau, State Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, general Administration of Customs. We founded in 2018,registered capital of RMB1,000,000,located in China (Jiangsu) PFTZ, Suzhou Area. ALL MALL has a solid economic foundation and experienced professional team, with the increasing growth of import and export trade, In order to meet the demand of Chinese domestic market for higher quality products and richer material and cultural products. ALL MALL conducts professional product screening and import agent wholesale for global manufacturers and suppliers develop the Chinese market. Involving industry the main products include kitchenware, clothing accessories, shoes and hats, daily provisions, cosmetics, office supplies, home textile, maternal and child supplies, toys, auto supplies, craft gifts, sporting goods, stationery, pet supplies, consumer electronics, home appliances, furniture, household goods, handbags, luggage, machinery, equipment and spare parts, etc., we have a wide range of commodity information network, distribution world suppliers.ALL MALL has a proficient team of operational ability of the backbone, We can satisfy the different customer demand,can provide a variety of  international trade programmers for the guests to help overseas customers to develop the Chinese market, and strive to provide professional, personalized, all-weather, all-round service for all customers.

ALL MALL since its inception,always up hold the "integrity services, quality management, law-abiding business" business attitude, the credibility of high quality and professional service for the domestic and foreign customers’ consistent high praise.



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电       话  (Tel)  : (+86)0512-6748 6252

                               (+86)158 5025 0258

邮     箱(E-mail):km.y@foxmail.com

地     址(  Add  ):苏州工业园区民生路5号G幢103室

                                 Room 103, building g, No.5, Minsheng Road, Suzhou Industrial Park

网   址(Website):www.szallmall.com

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